A membership model is a type of business plan where individuals pay a recurring fee to access the value an organization creates. It provides the design for different mbership levels.

Examples of the types of organizations that use a membership model:

  • Sports Clubs 
  • Professional Associations 
  • Nonprofits 
  • Businesses

Stable Cash Flow: Because members pay monthly dues, it’s fairly simple to calculate and forecast cash flow.

Lower Marketing Costs: Once you gain a new member, you don’t have to spend more money marketing to them again. 

Lower Costs of Business: Since the value you create can be scaled for all members

Fast, Direct Feedback from Members

The Ability to Change a Community: Provide high-value resources to thousands of members, essentially uplifting a whole community of like-minded individuals. 

Access to Exclusive Data: Organizations that build a community are able to track member behavior and to fine-tune your membership model to gain more members, reduce costs, and increase member retention.

Additional Revenue Opportunities: On top of member dues, members can also be sold merchandise (like hats and shirts), and will pay for events. If you have enough members, you can also gain sponsorship from companies wishing to advertise to your members.

Subscription Membership Model

Freemium Membership Model

A freemium-membership model brings together “free” and “premium” memberships. This model offers a “free” tier that gives members limited access to certain benefits as a trade-off for not paying. With the premium tier, members have access to more benefits and value, for their paid membership. 

All-Access Membership Model

An all-access membership option is the “Cadillac” of the subscription-based model, giving members free access to all content, webinars, on-demand courses, and events. The cost of these benefits is baked into the total cost of an all-access membership.

Every digital card comes with a pass creation link. Once you click the pass creation link you will get a new pass and the dedicated download link for the new pass.

If you already have a list of your customers’ contact information, for example, phone number, Email, SMS, or social media account etc.. You can send the dedicated download link for each pass to your customers by SMS or Email.

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