Keep your Digital card in mobile wallet

Your mobile wallet is an app that comes pre-installed (native) on most mobile devices. On iPhone it’s called Apple Wallet, on Android it’s called Google Pay

Both Apple and Google refer to the same core functionality; a place to store and use a digital version of something you used to have to deal with in paper or plastic

Connected content

More than a card. Automatically and instantly update design and content.

Front side

The back of the pass provides unlimited space for other useful information and links to relevant sites and application.

  • Logo and dynamic picture (strip)
  • Dynamic text fields (API connection)
  • Barcode (QR, EAN, PDF417)
Back side

The back of the pass provides unlimited space for other useful information and links to relevant sites and application.

  • Deliver promotions & provide links to other web assets (e.g. app, social media, website).
  • Provide easy access to online store, products, & catalogue.
  • Quick tap to access information (e.g. maps, chatbots & telephone numbers).
  • Use social share & referral links to grow brand advocacy.
New communication channel

Push notifications

Push notification is a great compromise between an e-mail and a SMS, delivered right onto a devices lock screen. Once a card is installed the customer can receive a lock screen notification.

  • Effective and targeted communication to different segments of fans before, during and after the event
  • Targeted communication. Different messages and information to different segments of fans/guests.
  • Online surveys, voting for man of the match, best performance of the day etc.

Personalised Experiences

Deliver personalised messages and pass content based on customer segments, demographic, preferences, and behaviours.

This means a customer can have a completely unique pass, and experience, depending on their preferences and behaviours.

Memberyo can deliver lock screen messages and updated pass content to:

  • all pass holders
  • segmentations
  • individuals

Distribution of the digital membership cards.

Easy to distribute via almost any communication channel Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Email, sms.

  • Email
  • QR Code
  • URL link
  • SMS

Multi - language

Passes display in the language of your customers’ device.

If the language file is available, the phone will present the pass in the end users chosen language. Images and logos can also be customised based on language.

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